It’s official now! Dr.Vannamalar!!!

So, I have finished my internship. Surprised? 29th of March 2019, exactly 1 year after we began the so-called toughest part of med school, I have officially completed my internship. There is only graduation left. Ceremoniously reached home after 10 months. Even the beautiful little nest I cherished since birth seemed strange to me. It… Continue reading It’s official now! Dr.Vannamalar!!!


The Adrenaline Rush of ER:

( I don't know why looking at my name on the duty list gives me so much happiness!) Every person painting an imaginary but ideal picture of a doctor, thinks of someone wearing a surgical scrub and a white overcoat running with tension etched on the face, probably diaphoretic and doing what is recognised as… Continue reading The Adrenaline Rush of ER:

Part 2: Nephroward – Chronic diseases never a happy picture…

Pic source: Google Summer vacations: a lot of childhood tales to be told from those few months of everyone’s lives. Those are perhaps the few days when every child has the most fun of his/her life. Looking back, I must have been really happy, because I still remember every single prank, trip and game we… Continue reading Part 2: Nephroward – Chronic diseases never a happy picture…